POA Circulars

68 | 28.07.2016


The POA NEC have been informed from branches that smoke detectors have been fitted by Amey and Carillion within residential areas and Governors are now instructing POA members to test the alarms as part of the cell fabric checks.

The responsibility of the fitting, replacement, repair, testing and maintenance of all new smoke detectors lies with Carillion and Amey; this is not the task of any Band 2 - 5 grades unless they are carrying out the duties of the Fire Officer for which they have received training.

The POA NEC have not been consulted or had negotiations at any time on this extra work with the employer and it comes a complete surprise as they have no policy on this extra piece of fire safety equipment to guide staff.

Therefore, to clarify the Union’s position on this matter, until we have had the correct consultation and negotiation on this new piece of work we advise all POA members not to perform this task.

If management attempt to order POA members into performing this task, we instruct the local Committee to immediately raise a dispute and demand the status quo prevails.

Please bring the contents of this circular to our members.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary