POA Circulars

64 | 22.07.2016


Please find attached up to date list of Establishments and local constituency MP’s.

Many local committees and POA members already regularly engage with their local constituency MP. This has fostered many positive relationships and enabled well informed/briefed MP's to articulate the argument of POA members when issues of Prisons, Secure Hospitals or other custodial environments are discussed in the House of Commons and at other public meetings.

This is important trade union activity work and helps get the message across to MP's on the high levels of violence, dangers and frustrations of Prison/secure custodial environments and widens the influence the POA has in promoting our message with the public, ministers and in the media.

Most constituency MP's hold surgeries on Friday's or Monday's at their local constituency office, please take the time to book and appointment and meet with your local MP to talk about the issues we face and widen the debate on the difficulties POA members face.

Many thanks in advance

Yours sincerely



National Chair