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60 | 06.07.2016


At the Special NEC meeting convened on 5th July 2016 the following proposal was accepted by the Executive:

"The NEC put a brief together on reform and disseminate to Branch Chair & Secretary, the brief will demonstrate & highlight the complete lack of engagement from NOMS regarding prison reform. The NEC instruct branches to hold meetings outside their gates from 0800-0900hrs on Fri 8th July 16".

In order to comply with the instruction of the Executive, please find attached letter from the National Chairman and myself, the briefing paper on Prison Reform and NTS 47/2010

Furthermore, the Executive determined to advise members that whilst this meeting is necessary and should not result in pay deductions we can’t determine what NOMS will do in response to this issue. Therefore, the Executive remind members that if you are threatened with stoppage of pay NOMS policy is that you will lose half a days’ pay for any part of the day you do not attend for work up to lunchtime and a full days’ pay if you remain outside after lunch. As set out in NTS 47/2010.

Please ensure you draw the contents of this circular to your members when providing them with an update on prison reform.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation on this issue.

Yours Sincerely


General Secretary

POA Circular 60-2016 Prison Reform.pdf

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