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55 | 04.07.2016


In 2015 the Executive promulgated advice and guidance within the attached POA Circulars 100 and 106/2015, these remain part of the Unions strategy to bring about smoke free prisons and are designed to maximise the protections of our members. In addition, Branch Secretary Circular 5/2016 and POA Circular 28/2016 (attached) were circulated advising members what steps to take, due to the failure of NOMS and employers to do enough to protect people in the work place from the harmful effects of NPS.

The Executive consistently raise the concerns of members, in respect of the effects of second hand smoke, with NOMS and Ministers.

The effects of second hand smoke is being further exacerbated by the increased use of NPS by prisoners and the harmful effects this is having on members. The Executive are developing strategies to increase the awareness of the problems within our prisons in respect of smoking and use of NPS.

Therefore, the Executive determined to re-issue the advice and guidance which should be circulated to members. Furthermore, the Executive ask all local committees to raise this issue with management to ensure compliance with PSI 9/2007.

Can you also please provide details of incidents where staff have reported feeling unwell, as a result of the effects of second hand smoke from NPS, whether prisoners and/or staff have been taken to outside hospitals due to this and whether the emergency services ie. ambulance or paramedics have had to attend your establishment. Please provide this information to helen@poauk.org.uk by Friday 22nd July 2016.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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