POA Circulars

48 | 21.06.2016

June Update

The National Executive Committee have been involved in several strands of negotiation/discussions with NOMS on a variety of topics.  To ensure the membership remain as fully informed as possible, the strands currently being discussed are as follows;
Additional Hours Working
As advised in POA Circular 47/2016, the Executive have been engaged in negotiations around the above subject following Annual Conference Motion 72/2014, which was activated on the 7th May 2016.  The Executive are currently addressing identified issues within “the offer” with NOMS and hope to be in a position, in the very near future to reach conclusion and allow the affected POA membership to review “the offer” and ballot on its acceptance or rejection.
Prison Reform
Negotiation with NOMS around Prison Reform has been ongoing since early 2016 and the NEC await a conclusion to ongoing discussions.  Once discussions cease we will know if an offer is to be made or to consider the POA’s next steps with regards to reform.  Reform is not interlinked with the Additional Hours Working negotiation identified above.
Public Sector Prisons Operating Model
A team of Executive members are due to meet with NOMS early July to receive a detailed brief on NOMS proposals with regards to Operational Staffing and any potential future changes.  When in a position to do so, the POA will communicate with affected members in detail on these issues.
Ongoing Health & Safety Concerns
A team from the Executive has stepped up site visits to NOMS controlled Establishments along with Senior NOMS H&S advisors.  A joint approach to tackling unsafe working practices and reviewing safe systems of work and risk assessments underpins these site visits and your inclusion in this process is critical.

The Executive welcomes this commitment from NOMS, but continues to voice our concerns over increasing violence and wider H&S implications for our members.

The NEC have also had initial discussions with NOMS senior controllers around entering Private Sector Establishments to undertake similar dedicated H&S reviews.  The Executive will continue to pursue improved/safe working environments for all POA members and it is important for both local and national officials to keep this issue at the top of the agenda.

Further information will be circulated when available and I would advise members to familiarise themselves with the content of POA circulars to remain fully abreast of the work being undertaken on your behalf.

Yours sincerely

National Chair