POA Circulars

43 | 03.06.2016


The Executive have had notice that members of the Pay Review Body will be visiting the following prisons during June 2016 to July 2016;

Cardiff, Holme House, Kirklevington Grange, Leeds and Wetherby.
Further in September they will be visiting;
Coldingley, Maidstone and Manchester.

It is the policy of the POA not to give evidence to the Review Body in written form or indeed oral evidence.

The POA membership have not in recent years been treated fairly by the Pay Review Body, which was set up as an Independent Body from Government as a compensatory mechanism for the restriction of the right to strike.

When the Review Body was first set up they were not paid, it was voluntary. Over the years the remit has changed. They are selected by Government, paid by Government and therefore in our view are not independent and their recommendations particularly since 2010 onwards have been consistent with Government Policy.

We therefore advise the membership not to co-operate with their visits. Be polite and professional if approached, but simply advise them we do not see them as adequate compensation for not having the right to strike and we want a return to collective bargaining directly with the Employer on pay issues.

Please bring this Circular to the attention of the membership.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary