POA Circulars

44 | 03.06.2016


Further to POA Circular 24/2016 regarding the above, on behalf of the National Executive Committee I would like to thank the membership for enacting your policy and withdrawing from the Payment Plus database.

The membership compliance with that Circular enabled the National Chair and myself to have discussions with Phil Copple and Ian Mulholland on the 16th May 2016

It was further agreed after correspondence that meetings would take place on the 1st and 2nd June 2016 on a “without prejudice” basis to negotiate our Conference mandate.

Those discussions and negotiations have now concluded and a Special NEC meeting to consider the “without prejudice” offer from NOMS will take place on Tuesday 7th June 2016.

Discussions are also ongoing in relation to a rate of additional hours payments for Operational Support Grades.

Once again thank you for making these negotiations possible by supporting your Annual Conference Policy.

Once the Executive have considered the issue further the membership will be updated accordingly.

Please bring this Circular to the attention of the membership.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary