POA Circulars

32 | 27.04.2016


The National Executive Committee has consistently raised the failure of Management to adhere to policies and procedures when dealing with members of staff following sick absence.

As part of NOMS Attendance and Wellbeing strategy a number of workshops have taken place for Governing Governors and Deputy Governors in respect of policy. NOMS are also conducting meetings with DDC’s to look at ways to ensure a consistent approach is taken across the estate.

The National Executive have raised a number of individual cases with NOMS to set out and justify our concerns over the mal-administration of policy.

The National Executive has written to NOMS to seek assurances that policies will be followed.

At the latest Attendance and Wellbeing meeting it was agreed that local officials and or members would identify any cases where local management had failed to follow procedure and or provide all information in line with PSO 8404 prior to a Capability Hearing within the agreed timescales.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary