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26 | 14.04.2016

The Tax Refund Company

You might be owed a Tax Refund! Since launching our Tax Code Review service, over 16,000 members have used the service to have their tax codes checked for errors.

We are still astonished to see that 34% of the members who’ve completed the review, have found they had been given the wrong tax code by HMRC and were entitled to a tax refund. The average refund so far is £177.05 each.

With nearly 1 in 3 of our members getting money back, if you have not used the service yet, The POA would like to give you another opportunity to discover if you are due a tax refund. This year, it’s even more important that you check your tax as there are new tax savings aimed at taxpayers earning less than £43,000 pa., especially those who are married as well. If you’re missing out on these, you could be hundreds of £’s worse off.

The main points to note are…

  • It is your job to make sure HMRC has given your employer the right tax code
  • The service will check your tax code for this year and up to the last 4 years
  • You will find out if you’ve paid more tax than necessary
  • You will get back any tax that is rightfully yours
  • If you do not get a refund, there is nothing to pay – the service will be FREE
  • If you do get a refund, there is a fee of £38 if your refund is under £100*, or 38p for each £1 refunded
  • where you receive over £100
  • Any refund you receive for a current year paid directly into your wages will be FREE
  • This service is totally confidential

To discover if you are due some money back, apply online at www.taxrebates.com/ref/poa

If for any reason your refund is under £38, you will have nothing more to pay.

If you have any questions you can call the Tax Refund Company Customer Service Team on 0161 968 7345 (Mon - Fri, 9am -5pm).

Alternatively, please print off the claim form attached, and return the completed form to the freepost address at the bottom of the form.

Yours sincerely

Finance Officer

POA Circular 26-2016 Tax Refund company.pdf

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