POA Circulars

24 | 06.04.2016


On the 5th April 2016 the Executive considered the ballot return in respect of the recommendations from the Prison Service Pay Review Body 2016-17 and the PSPRB report.

The Executive have discussed Pay and Allowances with NOMS, Ministers and the Prison Service Pay Review Body year on year in an attempt to secure increases as mandated by Conference policy.

The Executive made NOMS and the Prison Service Pay Review Body aware of the Union policy on pay, including ACM 72/2014 but they continue to ignore the views of the membership. The increase in pension contributions and National Insurance have again reduced the take home pay of members. NOMS continue to rely on goodwill to deliver regimes.

The Executive have determined to enact ACM 72/2014;

On a date and for a period determined by the NEC, all POA members withdraw from the PP database.  No POA members to work Payment Plus for one calendar month.
This strategy to be repeated, increasing the time period as required by the NEC with a view to introducing proper overtime rates.

All members need to be aware of the contents of PSI 24/2008 Additional Hours Working – Payment Plus (attached).

The Union has a right to persuade members to follow policy. The Executive would also remind all members that Payment Plus is voluntary.

Members are required to give 28 days notice to opt out. We request that all members adhere to Conference policy and opt out by Monday, 11th April 2016. Therefore, Annual Conference Motion 72/2014 will commence on 7th May 2016 for one calendar month.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members attention.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary


Yours sincerely

National Chairman