POA Circulars

20 | 29.03.2016


The following Motion 163/07 was passed at Conference and therefore becomes a long standing policy of the POA.

The wording of the Motion was as follows;

“That this Conference fully endorses our current campaigns on Trade Union Rights, anti-privatisation and to achieve a truly independent Pay Review Body. Therefore, Conference seeks to ensure that it maximises our involvement with the broader Trade Union and Labour movement.

Accordingly, Conference seeks that every branch affiliates to their local Trades Council, that the Union provides delegates to all regional TUC and that we seek to maximise the numbers of POA members attending TUC rallies and events supported by the POA by providing assistance with transport costs”.

This was fully endorsed by Conference. I would now request that all branches adhere to this policy in order for us to enhance our campaigns in the wider trade union movement and also within the public domain. It is recognised that some branches and members adhere to this policy, but to assist our campaigns going forward the POA need to be involved all over the country in Trades Councils to make our voice heard and influence policy within Trades Councils.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary