POA Circulars

107 | 21.12.2015


It appears that members have been reporting assaults to the Thompsons Direct Reporting line seeking a claim for compensation through this route rather than the CICA.

The POA encourage all members to adopt a twin track approach when seeking compensation as a result of an assault because the current tariff system is unjust and not fit for purpose. However, that said, all members must still make an application on line to the CICA following an assault, making sure they put the POA down as the representative as this is the primary route to gain compensation. Once this has been done they can contact Thompsons direct and see if there is a potential claim against the employer for negligence.

Thompsons will only deal with CICA claims once a determination has been made and the member indicates that they wish to appeal the award in line with the provisions of the Legal Advice Handbook. The POA scheme only allows Thompsons to deal with CICA reviews if the member decides to appeal a determination, unless the Legal Aid Committee determines differently.

Will you please draw the contents of this circular to all your members and provide any member with a copy to assist them in seeking compensation following an assault.

Thanking you for your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary