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102 | 15.12.2015


Please find attached the Special Delegates Conference Agenda which contains the two motions submitted by Wormwood Scrubs when seeking support from branches under Rule 12.2c as promulgated in POA Circular 30/2015.

On 18th November 2015 the requisite number of branches had supported the call for the SDC and this decision was relayed to the membership in POA Circular 34/2015.

On 25th November 2015 the Executive secured a date and venue for the SDC and this information was promulgated under POA Circular 35/2015.

At the POAs 2015 Annual Conference, Conference Paper One was adopted, which sets out the procedures for dealing with conference motions including Special Delegate Conferences. (attached)

On 26th October 2015 the Standing Orders Committee received an emergency motion from HMP Elmley on the subject matter of the SDC. The Standing Orders Committee considered the motion and returned it in line with custom and practice. I draw your attention to POA circular 12/2009 to support this decision (attached).

In addition, I would draw your attention to Paragraphs 22 and 23 of the conference paper one which deals with procedures for dealing with conference motions and emergency motions.

The emergency motion from Elmley could have been brought to the 2015 Annual Conference and can certainly be raised at the 2016 Conference, if deemed necessary, but it would be wrong for the agenda set by Wormwood Scrubs when calling for this SDC to be amended when branches had not had the opportunity to consider the emergency motion from Elmley when determining to support or reject the call for an SDC and that is why the motion was rejected.


I draw member’s attention to the paragraph dealing with SDCs from the conference paper which states that


If a Special Delegates conference has been convened in accordance with Rules 12.2 (a) (b) and (c) and the agenda published for those affected branches emergency motion/s would not normally be permitted. However, if the NEC believes the matter is of such importance and it is not viable to postpone the conference and invite all affected branches conference will determine whether to accept the motion on the order paper in accordance with Rule 29.4 (a). If the motion is heard all of the membership shall be advised of the decision and outcome by way of POA Circular as soon as possible.

It is for these reasons that the Executive believe that the conference agenda as determined by the Wormwood Scrubs branch should stand alone and no other motions be heard on the day. All branches will have the opportunity to submit motions for the 2016 Annual Conference following the close of the SDC.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members’ attention when considering the attached agenda.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

POA Circular 102-2015 SDC 14th January 2016.pdf

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