POA Circulars

85 | 28.10.2015


We recently issued POA Circulars 78/2015 regarding OSG’s continuing to work in stores following the transfer of this work to the private contractors Carillion and Amey.  We believed at the time POA Circular 78/2015 was issued, that the matter was resolved and OSG’s would no longer be deployed into stores by NOMS.  Subsequently we found that not to be the case and thus we met with representatives from NOMS on the 22nd October 2015 for further discussion and clarification regarding this and other concerns in regard to the contracting out of this work. 

At that meeting NOMS informed us that a number of establishments were still continuing to deploy OSG’s into stores.  We were further informed in regard to the establishments covered by Carillion, that from this week, there should be no further deployment of OSG’s into stores and Carillion will take responsibility for staffing these areas.  That said, there remained a number of establishments covered by Amey that are continuing to deploy OSG’s into stores, in particular CES stores and this may continue for some time whilst disagreements between the contractor and NOMS over aspects of the work are resolved.  On behalf of the membership, we expressed strongly our dissatisfaction with this position and the unsettling effect on our members and staff affected by this.  We were clear to NOMS that OSG’s should not be ordered or forced to work in an area that is the responsibility of a private contractor.  In response NOMS accepted that they cannot and will not order or force OSG’s employed by them to cover these areas.

Colleagues, we asked in POA Circular 78/2015 that you keep a ‘watching brief’ on this matter and ensure that management abide by the accepted position that OSG’s employed by NOMS are not deployed to work and cover for private contractors in main and CES stores.  We re-iterate that position to you and where you become aware of this happening, alert management to this and progress the matter via the disputes procedure as detailed in PSO 8525.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely



Deputy General Secretary