POA Circulars

72 | 10.09.2015


With effect from 1st June 2015 the responsibility for staffing and operating of Stores/CES was contracted to the companies Carillion and Amey.  In many establishments OSG’s undertook the delivery of stores and CES duties as part of their rotational duties, but were out of scope for TUPE transfer.  Delivery of stores and CES therefore ceased as part of their duties and therefore OSG’s would no longer be deployed to work in these areas. 

Nonetheless, exceptionally the POA made an agreement with NOMS that due to the management of these areas being a high risk area of prison regimes and in order to minimise the potential for delivery to be disrupted while contractors were in the process of deploying and training their staff, OSG’s could continue to be deployed into these areas for a maximum of 3 months from 1st June 2015.  That agreement expired with effect from 31st August 2015 and no further extension to this agreement has been made with NOMS by the POA.  Thus we ask that all branches where OSG’s are still being utilised and deployed to Stores/CES to inform their management that with immediate effect, the POA no longer agree to the deployment of OSG’s in these areas.  If management still continue to insist on deploying OSG’s to these areas, then a local dispute should be raised via the processes detailed in PSO 8525. 

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely



Deputy General Secretary