POA Circulars

61 | 17.07.2015


The POA are not affiliated to the Labour Party, as we recognise our membership are a broad church and vote for a variety of political parties and we don’t envisage that position altering unless Conference determine otherwise.

The Executive, although fully aware that we are not affiliated to the Labour Party, took the view that in relation to POA policies such as restoration of trade union rights, keeping and returning prisons to the public sector and pension age, only Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party Leadership contest has spoken up and supported us over the years.

It is for those reasons along with opposing austerity that the Executive are supporting and asking the membership along with their families to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

The Executive have the view that by supporting Jeremy Corbyn, it may influence future Labour policy, which endorse many of our policies and aims and objectives within our Rules and Constitution.

You can take part in this election to choose the new Labour leader either by signing up as a registered supporter (cost £3) or by joining the Labour party.

To become a registered supporter text SUPPORT to 78555.

The deadline to register is: 12th August 2015, Deadline to vote is: 12th September 2015.

The decision of the Executive was taken on the 15th July 2015 at an NEC meeting where the following motion was passed;

“The NEC recognise that the POA are not affiliated to the Labour party nor are we likely to be affiliated. With Jeremy Corbyn standing for leadership of the party the Executive recognise and endorse his candidacy as he appears to be the only candidate that meets POA policy, objectives and powers under Rule 2.1 (k) and Rule 2.2 (g).

Yours sincerely


General Secretary