POA Circulars

60 | 09.07.2015


There appears to be some confusion in some branches that by opting into Fair and Sustainable for OSG’s means that their terms and conditions alter in respect of wider Civil Service Reform pertaining to sick pay and annual leave. Opting into Fair and Sustainable does not require staff to adopt the Civil Service Reforms for new starters and all existing terms and conditions are retained with the exception of rates of pay (and a slight increase in working hours for some non-operational staff in London) should they opt in.

Civil Service Reform and Fair and Sustainable were introduced at very similar times but unconnected and those general terms and conditions are not impacted by opting into Fair and Sustainable should individuals choose that as an option.

I hope this clarifies the situation. Please bring this to the attention of Operational Support Grades within our membership.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary