POA Circulars

58 | 03.07.2015


It is with regret that Lorraine Barwell who was a Prisoner Custody Officer employed by SERCO has died following an alleged assault by a prisoner. Lorraine was attacked at Blackfriars Crown Court as she escorted the prisoner between the Court and a waiting van in the courtyard. This is now subject to an ongoing Police Investigation. Although SERCO do not recognise the POA and Lorraine was not a member of any trade union, the thoughts of all POA members are with the family, friends and colleagues of Lorraine Barwell.

This unspeakable crime should serve to remind the public and Politicians of the violent and unpredictable nature of the criminal justice workplace.

This is not about public good private bad or vice versa but a stark illustration that staff within the criminal justice system care for and control violent criminals 24 hours a day every day of the year in the essential protection of the public.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Lorraine Barwell at this distressing time.


Yours sincerely


National Chairman

Yours sincerely


General Secretary