POA Circulars

53 | 12.06.2015


It has been brought to the attention of the Legal Aid Committee that some branch officials and members may not be in possession of the correct contact details and telephone numbers for our legal advisors Thompsons and as such are finding it difficult to secure the services of the unions retained solicitors.

Thompsons provide legal advice and representation to our members on work related matters, personal injuries, criminal investigations and it is vital that all members use their services.

All applications for legal advice in respect of work related employment matters must be processed through the POA’s Legal Scheme and by completing the appropriate form from the Legal Advice Handbook which is available in local POA offices and via POA website at www.poauk.org.uk and posting these to Cronin House.

It is vital that if a member wishes to report an accident at work or an illness which is work related that they contact Thompsons direct by telephoning 0800 587 7515 during normal office hours 08.00 to 20.00 Monday to Friday. Alternatively, members can still access the LA190 form from the Legal Advice Handbook and or POA website at www.poauk.org.uk and post these direct to Thompsons at (insert Address). Members are reminded that they receive 100% of any compensation received if they pursue their claim through Thompsons. Family members and friends can also pursue these types of claims by simply calling 0800 587 7515.

Thompsons provide a 24 hour 365 day service to all POA members at police stations. It is in the interest of all members to use Thompsons if they are arrested, or advised that they need to attend a police station in respect of any criminal allegation.

In most cases members will be invited to the police station at a mutually convenient time and if this is the case the local branch should complete the appropriate form and send this to the legal department at Cronin House who will ensure the member is represented. Occasionally, members will be told to attend the police station at short notice or arrested, if this is the case the member and or branch official should contact Cronin House by telephone or ring the Thompsons help line 0800 587 7530 at any time to ensure legal representation is provided.

Members who are arrested and offered the use of the duty solicitor should always advise the police officer that they are a member of the POA and would like to have Thompsons represent them. If the member does not have the number to hand the police officer should contact Thompsons on their behalf.

Please display this circular to the attention of all your members and display it permanently on the POA notice board.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary