POA Circulars

25 | 20.03.2015


In respect of the above issue regarding New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), we are aware that NOMS are launching new guidelines in relation to this real and active problem. NOMS stated at the National Whitley on the 29th January 2015, which the minutes have now been circulated on 16th March 2015, under Notice to Staff 06/2015 that they are training more drug dogs to recognise elements of NPS and are analysing thousands of urine samples to produce a way to detect it.

Of course the NEC welcome those moves but one of the most important factors is to have effective risk assessments and safe systems of work to reduce the risk of health and safety of SPICE and other NPS as the well-being of staff and prisoners is essential.

It has been brought to the NEC’s attention through the reporting of incidents involving violence and hospital attendance the dangers of NPS. We are acutely aware that violence against our members are intrinsically linked to NPS.

A major concern is the effects it is having on staff who may be breathing in the fumes. We would ask that Linden House are alerted when members feel unwell due to the effects of when suspected NPS is the cause and what risk assessments and safe systems of work are being put in place by the employer at local level.

All information can be sent to helen@poauk.org.uk or Linden House for the attention of Joe Simpson who is Secretary to the Health and Safety Whitley Committee.

Yours sincerely​​​​

​ ​​​​
National Chairman​​​​


Yours sincerely

General Secretary