POA Circulars

24 | 19.03.2015


It has been brought to the attention of the NEC that in certain circumstances, NOMS Management in order to cover staffing shortfalls are permitting individuals to work excessive hours in relation to Payment Plus.

It has been suggested that individuals have worked in some instances double shifts of 24 hours in one period.

NOMS have a duty of care to their staff in managing their health and safety and ensuring staff are not expected to work excessive hours. The local allocation system for Payment Plus must also ensure that staff work within regulation 4 of the Working Time Directive, maximum of 48 hours per week averaged over normally 17 weeks unless the individual has opted out of this regulation under regulation 5. Up to date records of those who have agreed to opt out and total hours worked must be kept locally and there is no compulsion on any member of staff to sign an agreement to work in excess of 48 hours per week.

Could Branch Officials please send in details of cases where excessive hours have been worked regarding Payment Plus or when individuals have been forced or indeed volunteered to work continually for 24 hours or indeed in excess of 24 hours.

Please send details to Nicola Hubert at Cronin House on gs@poauk.org.uk for our records.

Yours sincerely​​​​

​ ​​​​
National Chairman​​​​


Yours sincerely

General Secretary