POA Circulars

18 | 16.03.2015


At the time of promulgating this Circular, the NEC remains in session.

At the Emergency NEC meeting, it was determined to enact Annual Conference policy as set out in Motion 72/2014, which reads as follows;

“On a date and for a period to be determined by the NEC, all POA members withdraw from the PP database. No POA members to work Payment Plus for one calendar month. This strategy to be repeated, increasing the time period as required by the NEC with a view to introducing proper overtime rates”.

The NEC determined in order to comply with the provisions of PSI 24/2008 and to enact Conference policy; all members should give management notice of their intention to withdraw from the PP database giving 28 days’ notice with effect from the 22nd March 2015.

Members who have volunteered to work PP during the notice period may continue to do so. However, all members should stop working PP from the 13th April until the 12th May 2015 inclusive.

For ease of reference, the following covers what PP may be used for in compliance with PSI 24/2008

Guidance and Constraints

4. The Payment Plus rate will only be paid for additional hours working in the following circumstances:

i. To staff a bedwatch
ii. To staff a constant observation
iii. To staff a Category A escort over and above the profiled staffing level
iv. To staff new accommodation and to cover temporary staff in post vacancies against the Target Staffing figure, where authorised by the Area Manager (see paragraphs 22-24).

5. Bulletin 8 arrangements (Bulletin 8, paragraph 17) remain in place whereby staff may be asked on occasion to work more than their average weekly hours.

6. There is no discretion for additional hours working to be paid other than in the specific circumstances listed in paragraph 4 above. The only exception to this is Operation Tornado.

The Executive will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates in due course. 

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members attention.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely

National Chairman 

General Secretary