POA Circulars

15 | 13.03.2015


The National Chairman and the General Secretary of the POA have seen and considered the internet response by NOMS to the Pay Review Body recommendations accepted by the Coalition Government for 2O15/2O16.

In response we would point out that in the NOMS Annual Report for 2013/2O14 one NOMS employee had a remuneration package in excess of 2OOk including bonuses. Several others earned in excess of 1OOk. We might want to question the validity of these payments, given the abject performance of NOMS in terms of performance criteria in respect of serious assaults on staff, the failure to comply with HSE guidelines, staffing projections and prison population, which has resulted in our members doing detached duty and filling in for Directors performance failings.

We are not prepared to accept the condescending nonsense that Senior NOMS Officials insist on relaying to our members in response to the pay award for 2O15/16. NOMS Chief Executive Officer Michael Spurr stated “I know staff at all levels including all those in the closed grades have worked incredibly hard over the last year – and for many this decision will feel personally unfair”. Let us be clear it won’t just feel it is personally unfair, it is grossly offensive and deeply unfair when it is the loyal unified grades keeping order in our prisons from incompetent managerial decisions. Yet those at Board level see their salary increase and continue to get paid bonuses for that incompetence.

We would remind members that the NOMS Board in their submission to the Pay Review Body recommended a zero pay award for the closed grades for 2O15/16. 

NOMS having set the salaries for Fair and Sustainable through the Pay Review Body failed to win any bids in competition.

Senior NOMS Officials continue to thank you for the work that you do on behalf of society. The reality is that the Employer, Politicians and the Pay Review Body are treating us all with contempt.

The POA National Executive will meet in emergency session on Monday 16th March 2015, to decide on its response to the Pay Review Body Report and recommendations.

Yours sincerely 


National Chairman


Yours sincerely

General Secretary