POA Circulars

4 | 19.01.2015

Detached Duty

You will be aware of the publication by NOMS of the “Special Bonus Payment (SBP) Detached Duty Volunteers scheme” and prior to that the “Targeted use of the Special Bonus Scheme”.
These schemes may well provide a solution to the use of compulsory detached duty but then again they may not.

The NEC have informed the employer and Ministers that the extensive and continuous use of Detached Duty is unacceptable to the membership. NOMS’ failure to provide a sustainable recruitment and retention strategy has undermined the transition to “New Ways of Working” and safe, secure and decent working practices in establishments.

The NEC have engaged and continue to engage with NOMS on the issue of compulsory Detached Duty and forcing POA members away from their homes and families.

You will be aware of the call for Special Delegates Conference from the HMP Wymott branch. On the 14th January 2015, the Executive debated this call and determined not to make a recommendation to the membership. The Executive recognise that the issues raised by Wymott are relevant and of significant concern to the wider membership. Alongside these concerns the Executive remind the membership that the prisons receiving detached duty as a direct result of NOMS' policy failures need support to run a viable regime.

As stated the NEC continue to be engaged with NOMS on the issue of Detached Duty and you should be aware that there is every likelihood that events will overtake the issues raised within the HMP Wymott call for a Special Delegates Conference.

The Executive continue to press NOMS for improved pay and remuneration, full staffing, the abolition of detached duty, a fair and just retirement age and safe and secure prisons. We can expect the Pay Review Body to make its recommendations on pay and remuneration in the next few weeks. Furthermore there is every possibility that an announcement on whether Wrexham will be run by the public or the private sector will be made in February.

It is incumbent on us all that we ensure that we manage the process of engagement correctly to achieve the best deal for the membership.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to your members attention.

Yours sincerely

Deputy General Secretary