POA Circulars

138 | 02.12.2014

NOMS/POA 2014 Negotiated Agreement - Without Prejudice, Workplace ballot result

Following the promulgation of Branch Secretary Circular 18/2014, eligible branches in England and Wales conducted a workplace ballot.

The Scutineers and Tellers attended Cronin House on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014 and carried out an independent count of branch returns.

The result of which is;

Number of Ballot Slips issued 9,536
Number of Ballot Slips returned 8,002
Number of Votes IN FAVOUR (YES) 3,201
Number of Votes AGAINST (NO) 4,762
Number of Spoilt Ballot Slips 39

The ballot has been conducted in accordance with the Rules and Constitution and accordingly the NOMS/POA 2014 Negotiated Agreement – without prejudice has been rejected.

Yours sincerely

National Chairman