POA Circulars

137 | 01.12.2014

Detached Duty

POA Circular 132/2014 ‘Detached Duty’ outlined the NEC’s intentions towards addressing NOMS’ application of Detached Duty policy.

The NEC have been in discussions with NOMS in pursuance of ceasing the expectation that staff be forced to stay away from home in order to do Detached Duty. These discussions are ongoing.

There has however been progress made regarding the use of compulsory Detached Duty staff during the three bank holiday days of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

NOMS have identified that they required 45 staff to carry out detached duty on the above bank holidays and at the following establishments;

Aylesbury, Brinsford, Bullingdon, Chelmsford, Elmley, Feltham, Haverigg, Highdown, Hull, Isis, Nottingham, Swaleside, Woodhill, Wormwood Scrubs

Through negotiation between NOMS and the POA NEC, it has been agreed that a Special Bonus Payment will be offered to staff who volunteer to work on the three bank holiday days.

Staff at sites listed above who are not currently detailed to work will be offered a special bonus payment in addition to PP for any additional hours worked.

The Special Bonus Payment is £110 for a main shift, £55 for an early shift, £80 for a late shift and £165 for an A shift. These special bonus payments when added to the Payment Plus rate of £17 per hour equate to approximately £30 per hour based on a national benchmark weekend day.

Any officers at the 14 sites who have already volunteered to work additional hours for PP or TOIL will receive the payment and officers who volunteer to work additional hours for PP or TOIL will receive the payment if they are selected to work.

The NEC recognise that whilst this proposal will help remove any necessity for compulsory Detached Duty on the Christmas bank holidays, it does not resolve the long term issue of forced detached duty. As mentioned previously, discussions on this issue are ongoing and updates will be given on all future developments.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary