POA Circulars

135 | 28.11.2014

EDM 546 Work related stress amongst prison officers

On the 19th November 2014, the National Executive Committee launched the results of the Independent Survey conducted by Professor Gail Kinman and Dr Andrew Clements in Parliament.

Results of the survey can be found on the POA website.

Professor Kinman presented the findings to MP’s, NOMS and Trade Union Leaders, which were damning against all Employers where the POA recruit and organise.

As a result of the presentation, those MP’s present raised EDM 546 (below) to gather support for an urgent inquiry into the prison system.

That this House welcomes the independent report into work-related stress amongst prison officers commissioned by the Prison Officers' Association and conducted by Professor Dr Gail Kinman, Dr Andrew Clements and Jacqui Hart from the University of Bedfordshire; is deeply concerned at the findings of the report which irrefutably demonstrate the crisis which the prison system is now in, and the huge burden being carried by the staff and their families and the resultant impact upon prisoners and public safety; notes that the level of stress amongst prison officers is clearly in excess of that in other comparable services, that 65 per cent of prison officers often thought about leaving the prison sector, and that the Prison Service is failing to meet the widely recognised benchmarks of the Health and Safety Executive for wellbeing at work; further notes with concern the current record levels of the prison population, and the accompanying increase in prisoner suicides and assaults on staff; and calls on the Government to conduct an urgent inquiry into the prison system and the terms and conditions of those trying to professionally carry out an important public service under the most difficult of circumstances.

The NEC would urge all POA members to contact their constituent MP and all branch committee’s to contact the establishments constituent MP asking for their support for this very important EDM.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary