POA Circulars

91 | 08.08.2014

Regime Management Plan Guidance

Please find attached the letter from Phil Copple Director of Public Sector Prisons and a copy of the RMP Guidance which has now been agreed and circulated to all Governors.
If you have not already been invited to a meeting to discuss this document with your local Management then please ensure you request a formal meeting as soon as possible.

The RMP Guidance sets out processes to assist prisons in establishing MSL's and regimes which are deliverable, sustainable, safe, and secure. There is no one size fits all, but this Guidance sets out clear instructions in a system which provides for local engagement ‎and a checklist that may form part of a local agreement on MSL's and Regimes.

Two events have been organised by NOMS for September 2014 to support the introduction of the RMP and to assist local Management and the POA understand how the process is intended to work. NOMS will be inviting 2 members of the SMT and 2 members of the local committee to attend these briefing events. However the Executive believe that local engagement should start as soon as possible. 

This is one of the steps in bringing about significant changes to our prisons. It is one part of the negotiations as set out in POA Circulars 87/2014 and 90/2014, negotiations which are at an advanced stage‎.‎ 

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely



National Chairman