POA Circulars

87 | 17.07.2014

POA Negotiations with NOMS

In compliance with the Conference Policy set at the Special Delegates Conference on the 28th February 2013, the POA has been engaged in Benchmarking and as a result, have influenced change in some cases from the Employer original position both locally and nationally.

The NEC accept that the principles of Competition and Benchmarking have created real operational difficulties in many, if not all of our prisons.

The NEC has never endorsed or hailed Benchmarking as a victory (see attached letter to the Secretary of State).

NOMS have pushed through the Governments change agenda and as a result the Service is in “crisis”.

The POA will seek to stop the change agenda and pursue policies, which will return stability and safety to all our prisons. We will also seek to improve your terms and conditions, as part of a wider workforce reform programme through positive engagement and negotiations. It would be irresponsible for any trade union not to manage members expectations under the current Government regime.

However, the Executive has secured a firm commitment from NOMS to engage and negotiate on a wide range of issues on a “without prejudice basis”. The NEC rule nothing in or out at this time.

On the 16th July 2014, following an exchange of correspondence with NOMS and as a result of the discussions at the National Whitley, the Executive determined to set out some key issues which will be subject to negotiations.

  • Framework to support the Regime Management Plan Guidance Document and its implementation across all prisons.
  • Pay and Allowances.
  • Pay Protection for those opting into F&S.
  • Agency Workers covering OSG work.
  • Recruitment of Permanent Staff.
  • Reduction in numbers of Detached Duty Staff.
  • Use of Additional Hours paid or unpaid.
  • Full Staffing.
  • Review of Disputes PSO.
  • Review of Grievance Procedure.
  • Review of MoU.
  • Protection of PSI 42/97.
  • Changes to Pension Provision.
  • Partnership Working.
  • Positive Engagement at all levels.
  • Core Day Benchmarking.

This list is not exhaustive and should not be viewed as any agenda.

The Executive will seek agreements, bring about change and allow the membership to have the final decision.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members attention.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary