POA Circulars

71 | 13.06.2014

Political Campaign - TUC Unions join forces to produce new privatisation report

As part of the POA’s ongoing Political Campaign we have, through the TUC, formed the Speak up for Justice Campaign. You can find out more on this by visiting the dedicated campaign website www.speakupforjustice.org.

As part of this campaign, alongside our sister unions with members employed in the justice sector, we commissioned research and a report to be undertaken and produced by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) that looks at the growth of outsourcing where work once carried out by the public sector is now being handled by private companies.

A copy of their report is available to download on the POA website www.poauk.org.uk from the Breaking News section, or on the Speak up for Justice website.

The joint multi union press release that accompanied the publication, the NEF Report, is attached to this circular.

The NEC ask all POA members to read and use this detailed paper when discussing issues with colleagues, management and most importantly at meetings which we would again ask you to have with your local members of Parliament.

The NEC were clear that the rally on the 19th March 2014, which we view as a major success, was only the starting point of our Political Campaign. The publication of this report is another step for that campaign.

Again I would ask that you bring the contents of this circular to the attention of your work colleagues, friends and families. It is only by talking about these issues that the wider general public will learn the truth about what is happening behind the walls of the prisons, hospitals and centres where POA members work.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary