POA Circulars

61 | 22.05.2014

Annual Conference Motion 83-2014

The terms of ACM 83/2014 were in two parts.

The first element of the Motion was achieved at Annual Conference when delegates supported the Motion and reaffirmed the POA as “The Professional Trade Union for Prisons, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers”.

The second element mandated the NEC to give clarification and transparency as to the rights and benefits offered by the POA to Civilian Correctional Workers.

Full members, including Civilian Workers, are entitled to all of the membership benefits, access to the legal scheme, death benefit and welfare fund (if a member).

Full members, including Civilian Workers, will have the right to be represented at Grievance, Disciplinary and Capability/Performance Hearings as per the ACAS Code, Legislation and the Employers Handbook/Policy.

This Union will represent all members in all aspects of this work where recognition agreements exist. This includes consultation/negotiation on policies.

If the POA have Civilian Correctional Workers or other grades of staff where the Union does not currently have a recognition agreement, it may not be possible for the POA to negotiate on pay. However, this would not prevent the POA from considering legal challenges if any member suffered or could suffer a detriment.

I trust this clarifies the situation.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary