POA Circulars

50 | 29.04.2014

Gatelodge Extra (SDSOL'S)

At the NEC meeting on the 15th April 2014 the Executive determined that a Gatelodge Extra would be produced on Safe, Decent and Secure Operating Levels (SDSOL’s).

A comprehensive document has been produced and will be distributed to all affected branches from Thursday the 1st May 2014. Will all local committees please ensure that each member is provided with a copy or at the very least the opportunity to read the contents.

This document covers many of the key issues under Benchmarking and should be used with all other published POA documentation as an aide memoire.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your member’s attention.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary