POA Circulars

30 | 18.03.2014

"Facilities management and estates competition"

The NEC have challenged NOMS in respect of an internal Q and A which identified that OSG’s working in the Stores Department at HMP Chelmsford would be subject to TUPE under the provisions of the above.

This would have been a clear breach of the MoU.

This decision/notice was immediately challenged by the NEC through Employee Relations, who have discussed this with Senior Management at Chelmsford and the Regional Estates Manager. Please see attached response from NOMS in respect of this issue.

This reaffirms the commitment and strength of the MoU in providing protection to our members who may have been in scope for a TUPE transfer.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to the attention of members and retain the attached information as NOMS press ahead with their Facilities Management and Estates Competition.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary