POA Circulars

179 | 11.12.2013

POA launch mass March, Rally and Lobby of Parliament on 19th March 2014

With regards to the above, the National Executive Committee are to begin a detailed campaign strategy commencing on the 19th March 2014 at the Central Methodist Hall, Westminster, London.

The launch and theme of our campaign leading up to the General Election in 2015 will be as follows;

  • 68 is too late Pension Campaign.
  • Violence in the Workplace.
  • Privatisation of Public Services and Prisons.
  • Pay.

Within these four elements lots of issues will develop in relation to budget cuts, prison closures, terms and conditions of employment, personal protective equipment, overcrowding and mental health issues. We are sure there are many other areas that will be expanded upon during the launch and debates.

Our intent is to bring our issues into the public domain to gain the general public’s support and ensure politicians of all political parties understand they need to make commitments in the Election Manifestos to ensure workers in the Criminal Justice System from prisons to our Secure Psychiatric Hospitals and the Immigration Services are treated fairly.

A small team of national officials has been set up to oversee this work throughout 2014/15. The team consist of the following;

Chair: Steve Gillan – General Secretary
Jackie Marshall – NEC member
Mike Rolfe – NEC member
Joe Simpson – Assistant Secretary
Steve Lewis – Research Officer

It is imperative that every POA member plays their part, not just in the launch on the 19th March 2014, but during the whole campaign.

Further information will become available regarding the campaign and indeed the launch at the Methodist Hall in the New Year but it was essential to promulgate this date as quickly as possible.

The event will now be planned and POA members and their families will have an important and active role to play on that launch day.

As the planning develops, every member will be updated on a regular basis.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary