POA Circulars

178 | 11.12.2013

Independent survey commissioned by the POA National Executive on pension age increase

At the NEC meeting on the 12th September 2013, it was agreed that the POA would arrange for an independent survey to be undertaken into the views of our members working within all secure custodial settings. This is after the Government reneged on a tripartite review of the effects on our members working to the state pension age.

To this end, Professor Gail Kinman of the University of Bedford has been commissioned to take this project forward for us.

The first stage of this work will be done via an online survey that is expected to commence mid-February 2014. This will be followed by a number of individual interviews with members from across all parts of the Union.

The survey will consist of questions under the following headings:

  • Demographics: sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.
  • Job type: full time/part time, private/public/special hospital
  • Working hours: hours worked in a week, average overtime, annual leave work life balance
  • HSE psychosocial hazards: demands, control, support from managers/colleagues, relationships role and change
  • Distributive Justice: is work schedule, level of pay fair etc.
  • Unreasonable tasks: should the task be done by someone else
  • Violence: safe at work, support
  • Development: training, skills, opportunities to develop
  • Burnout: How they feel about the job
  • Services available to members from the employer
  • Stress related illness, sleep, anxiety
  • Physical Health
  • Sick Absence
  • Health Behaviours: alcohol, OTC drugs etc.

Further details of how this work will be undertaken will be promulgated in the New Year, but what is already clear to the National Executive Committee is that in order for this project to be a success it is vital to achieve high levels of membership participation. With this in mind the NEC would ask that all members, from all branches, in all parts of the Union watch out for further Circulars, news on POA Notice Boards and the POA website on how they can take part.

The NEC are of the view that this ground breaking piece of work’s success lies in achieving a high number of returns which will enable the NEC to take your campaigns forward to Governments, Employers and the general public. It will also assist the Union in areas such as Annual Pay Reviews, Pension Age Campaigns, Violence at Work and our Health and Safety issues.

Again, we call on all members to participate when the time comes.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members attention.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary