POA Circulars

161 | 25.10.2013

Detached Duty

The decision to allow 2,000 staff to leave on VEDS, to close a further 4 prisons without planned new accommodation being available to use has resulted in members being required to undertake detached duty.

The Executive have been in discussions with NOMS in an attempt to put in place a system that is fair, transparent and manageable. Whilst some movement has been achieved staff have been informed that they will travel to and from the receiving establishment in their own time and can claim either TOIL or Payment Plus. The Executive do not accept that this is a lawful order and have sought legal advice on the issue as a matter of urgency. As soon as the advice comes in it will be promulgated to the membership. In the meantime if any member is ordered to travel in their own time and do not wish to do so the Executive advise that you:

  • Request the order in writing
  • Ask under what terms of Bulletin 8 and/or your contract of employment you are being ordered to incur the additional hours.
  • Raise a grievance
  • Conform to the order but under duress.
  • Ensure that a full orientation/induction takes place at the receiving establishment prior to undertaking any duties
  • Ensure that you do not jeopardise your personal health and safety or that of others by working excessive hours in any day

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours Sincerely

General Secretary