POA Circulars

159 | 17.10.2013

Parliamentary More Questions In The House Of Commons

In the House of Commons today, during Business Questions, Ian Lavery, MP, raised the following question regarding the prison population and low staffing levels in establishments, as well as the potential consequences:

Ian Lavery (Wansbeck) (Lab):
The prison population is approaching record highs and the numbers of prison staff are approaching record lows, and that is causing prison staff up and down the country to have great health and safety concerns. The situation has been described as a powder keg. May we have a debate on how we approach safety and health for prison staff before we as politicians suffer greatly as a result of a tragic incident that is waiting to happen in the Prison Service?
Tom Brake:
I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on drawing attention to that. Clearly, we all want our prisons to be safe environments both for prison staff and for prisoners. He has made a specific request about staffing levels and the impact on health and safety, and I will ensure that a written response is sent to him.

Ian Lavery has a proven record of supporting the POA, plus our members, and was a guest speaker at Annual Conference in May this year.

The POA are continually raising the profile of prisons and the dangers faced by staff and offenders alike from the ongoing cuts that are being made. This is another example of work being undertaken at the highest levels.

Yours sincerely

Steve Gillan
General Secretary