POA Circulars

144 | 13.09.2013

Prison Closures

The POA have secured an Early Day Motion through our work with the Justice Union Parliamentary Group in relation to prison closures. The EDM is self explantory and already has the support of thirteen Members of Parliament. I enclose the wording of the EDM and ask that every member of the POA writes to their Member of Parliament asking them to sign the motion. Members can either write their own letter to their constituency MP or the POA will produce a standard letter from next week, which will be available on the POA website.
I urge all members of the POA to be proactive on this issue and support our colleagues at Blundeston, Dorchester, Northallerton and Reading.

A Meeting has been arranged with the branch officials for those branches on the 19th September 2013 at Cronin House. A Lobby of the House of Commons along with a demonstration will be arranged at a future date. Details in regard to this will be promulgated in due course.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary

POA Circular 144-2013 Prison Closures.pdf

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