POA Circulars

142 | 11.09.2013

TUC Congress 2013

At the 2013 TUC Congress both POA motions were Composited and accepted by Congress.

Motion 40 (Composite 11) moved by the National Chairman PJ McParlin instructed the General Council of the TUC to campaign against the privatisation of all Public Services and support the call for an Independent Public Inquiry into the true cost of privatisation.

The National Chairman set out all of the facts in relation to the true cost of privatisation whilst moving the POA’s motion.

The value of Government given to the private sector has doubled in 4 years to £20 billion from £9.6 billion in 2008. By 2014/15 the total value of contracts outsourced from the public sector will be £101 billion.

In 2012, £800 million was given to 5 companies in the Criminal Justice System and those companies are not subject to freedom of information requests and are protected in the procurement process by commercial in confidence.

Privatisation is no longer based on efficiency, it’s ideological. Two of the three lowest performing prisons are in the private sector, Oakwood and Thameside; so there is money in failure if you are a privateer.

The private sector should support the POA’s call for a public inquiry following the statement from the Justice Minister who described the culture at SERCO as “unacceptable and indefensible” and Sadiq Khan, the Shadow Justice Minister, describing the overcharging in contracts as “potential fraud.”

In my capacity as General Secretary, I moved Motion 55 (Composite 14) on behalf of the POA and asked Congress to condemn the Tory led Coalition Government for introducing the qualifying period of two years before a claim to the Employment Tribunal can be submitted in respect of unfair dismissal, in addition to the draconian Employment Tribunal fees. I also went on to ask Congress to condemn the Government for their attacks on workers by the watering down of Health & Safety legislation which will have a significant impact on POA members on a daily basis.

In accepting the Composite, the TUC Congress and the General Council will now call on the Labour Party leadership to support workers’ rights and pledge to support workers’ rights in their manifesto; to reverse the application fees and qualifying period for access to ETs; and to restore adequate protection in Health & Safety legislation, if they form the next Government.
The amendments to the POAs motion were accepted with the NUJ seeking a firm commitment to repeal laws that have been described as “the most restrictive on Trade Unions in the western world”.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members attention and advise them to visit the TUC website at www.tuc.org.uk for further information on the 2013 TUC Congress.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation

Yours sincerely


Finance Officer