POA Circulars

128 | 12.08.2013

Workplace Ballot - Memorandum of Understanding

On 9th August 2013 the unions scrutineers and tellers counted the branch returns in respect of the above and POA Circular 127/2013 was published.

Following the publication of the result, concerns have been raised by branch officials and members on the POA forum. Some members asked why the figures did not tally and believe a re-count is necessary.

I commissioned some investigatory work with the General Secretary this morning following those concerns being drawn to our attention.

Whilst I am satisfied that the verification of the branch returns by “your” scrutineers and tellers was dealt with in good faith, I do believe clarification is required and a re-count will be conducted on Wednesday, 14th August 2013 and the result republished by way of a POA Circular.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to your members attention.

Yours sincerely


Deputy General Secretary