POA Circulars

124 | 29.07.2013

Assaults on POA members by prisoners

With assaults on our members constantly running at 3,000 per year for the last decade, I thought it essential to reiterate our position and indeed the legal guidance on “Offences by Prisoners” that the Crown Prosecution Service issued in 2008 to their prosecutors.

This legal guidance contains a specific section called “Assault on a Prison Officer” and gives guidance on how to approach such cases.

It is clear in the legal guidance by the Crown Prosecution Service that “If the victim requires that the matter be referred to the Police, the Governor must accede to that request”.

All cases referred to the CPS by the Police will be reviewed with the two stage test set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors when deciding whether or not to bring a prosecution.

Over the years we have witnessed some appalling assaults on our members. We signed up to a zero tolerance agreement with NOMS. Please exercise your right to refer an assault to the Police and record the referral and the outcome with your local committee so that the POA can see the outcome of prosecutions by the Crown Prosecution Service. Please find enclosed “Legal Guidance: Offences by Prisoners”.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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