POA Circulars

83 | 23.05.2013

NEC Structures and Election Timetable

In order to comply with Conference Paper Three, the other Conference Papers and Rule changes which were agreed at the 2013 Annual Conference, the NEC determined the following;

  • To conduct a national election for one NEC member until the end of Conference 2015. The timetable for this has been promulgated under POA Circular xxx.
  • The election timetables for all future elections;

    General Secretary and 2 NEC:
    2015, 2020, 2025 and every five years thereafter.

    National Chairman:
    2016, 2021, 2026, and every five years thereafter.

    Vice Chairman, DGS and 4 NEC:
    2018, 2023, 2028 and every five years thereafter.

The effect of this election timetable reduces the NEC structure to;
The National Chairman, General Secretary, Vice Chairman, Deputy General Secretary and six NEC members in accordance with the revised Rules of 2013, as set out in the Conference Paper 3.

In accordance with Conference Paper Five, the role of Finance Officer has been removed from the NEC structure and this position is now an employee of the Union.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to your members attention.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.


Yours sincerely


General Secretary