POA Circulars

73 | 10.05.2013

Annual Conference 2013 - Emergency Motions x2

Please find attached an emergency motion from Swaleside which was received and accepted by the Standing Orders Committee on the 8th May 2013. This will be placed during the moving of the Standing Orders Report.

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 72/2013 and the conclusion of negotiations on the 9th May, please find attached the emergency motion and letter of understanding which if ratified by Conference will form an agreement with NOMS on the identified issues.

Governors will be instructed to allow all branches to hold a branch meeting today to consider the document and mandate delegates on these issues.

I apologies for the lateness of these motions, but the Executive have been seeking an agreement with NOMS and this was only reached at 22.00 hours on the 9th May 2013.

In accordance with Rule 20.4, delegates will be able to consider these motions and vote on them at Conference if a meeting was not convened and direction given to them by the branch.

Thanking you in anticipation on this matter.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary