POA Circulars

70 | 07.05.2013

Conduct Case 134

You may be aware that a complaint against Tony Merricks NEC and Tom Robson Vice Chair was raised by Stoke Heath Branch.

As General Secretary I referred the matter to the Conduct Committee under Rule 25.8 (e).

The Chair of the Conduct Committee selected an Investigation Committee under Rule 28.2 and a Disciplinary Panel to consider the findings of the investigation report.

An investigation into the allegation, following the procedures set out under Rule 28.3 and 28.4 has taken place and it was determined by the Disciplinary Panel that Tom Robson had no case to answer. The Panel decided that Tony Merricks did have a case to answer.

After hearing the case against Tony Merricks the Disciplinary Panel has found him not guilty of the allegations.

Therefore the case is now closed.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to the membership.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary