POA Circulars

151 | 19.11.2012

Legal: CICA reforms

You may be aware that the Government has been trying to impose changes to the CICA scheme for some years. These changes will come into force very shortly and have a serious detrimental impact to many members’ claims.

In an attempt to ensure that any member who has been assaulted, but not submitted a claim to date is covered under the existing scheme, please ensure that all CICA applications are received at Cronin House no later than Friday 23rd November 2012.

If claims are submitted after this date, they will more than likely be dealt with under the new CICA reforms.

Due to the Governments decision and time scale, it has only been possible to advise members’ of this decision today.

Please ensure the contents of this Circular are promulgated to all members as a matter of urgency.

The Union will ensure that all members will receive justice by ensuring that claims are processed and if necessary, submit a Personal Injury claim at the same time.


Yours sincerely


Steve Gillan
General Secretary