POA Circulars

146 | 07.11.2012

Funeral - Northern Ireland

On Tuesday, 6th November 2012, the National Chairman PJ McParlin and the Deputy General Secretary Mark Freeman, on behalf of the POA attended the funeral of David Black, the prison officer murdered on his way to work in HMP Maghaberry.

In attendance were Finlay Spratt Chairman of the POA in Northern Ireland, Paul Hardy the Vice Chairman and the Area Committee. Prison staff from HMP Maghaberry and indeed across Northern Ireland were also in attendance.

The POA take this opportunity to acknowledge the attendance of representatives from the Executive of the POA from Southern Ireland.

Members of the Executive have a scheduled meeting with the Director General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service in order to reinforce the need to protect prison staff in the essential work that they do on behalf of society.

Our message to our friends and colleagues in Northern Ireland remains one of unconditional support.


Yours sincerely



PJ McParlin
National Chairman