POA Circulars

134 | 29.10.2012

MOJ Shared Services Programme - OTL Timecards Records

Currently all staff within NOMS are reimbursed for additional hours, allowances, payment plus etc. via a self-service tool called OTL which was deployed as part of the Phoenix Oracle implementation in 2007.

Currently, Shared Services provide HR and finance services to both NOMS and the MoJ on two separate oracle IT platforms.

In an attempt to reduce the cost of back office functions and services it is intended to upgrade the system and move to a “single platform”.

The NEC have sought assurances from NOMS and the MoJ that this change would not affect Bulletin 8 or the working week of Sunday-Saturday. These assurances have been given and the changes to the above will be implemented in due course. These changes will not affect any payroll cut off dates, or the process of booking/requesting annual leave.

If you have any concerns over the content of this circular please contact your NEC representative or Glyn Travis, Secretary to the POA HR Sub Committee.


Yours sincerely



General Secretary