POA Circulars

133 | 26.10.2012

Fair and Sustainable, Mapping and Local Implementation Process

Following concerns raised by members, the POA’s Fair and Sustainable Sub Committee have been in detailed discussions with NOMS to ensure the principles of Fair and Sustainable are maintained.

Following these meetings a number of POA Circulars have been promulgated clarifying issues. This Circular provides further clarification and abstracts of correspondence from NOMS to Governors to ensure the principles of Fair and Sustainable are maintained.

Abstract of letter from Steve Wagstaffe to all Governors:

As part of that agreement we stated that there would be separate Supervising Officer roles and Specialist Officer roles, including Operational band 4 Offender Supervisors. This was a critical part of the agreement with the Unions. A number of establishments have started to amend their templates by joining the Supervising Officer and Offender Supervisor role together and in some cases received agreement from Unions locally. This approach was not part of the F and S agreement and there is no Job Description available on the Annex E to support this. I appreciate that following the Governors session in September, some Governors may be trying to move to structures proposed under competition benchmarking but we must be very clear that we implement Fair and Sustainable in the way that it was agreed. Attempting to implement structures that have not been agreed has the potential to jeopardise the original agreement and lead to an extremely unhelpful Union dispute.

The POA’s Fair and Sustainable Sub Committee have also challenged the misinterpretation of Fair and Sustainable in respect of Specialist roles and again the following has been published to clarify matters and prevent local Governors from misinterpreting the rules.

At yesterday’s meeting you raised the issue of Band 4 specialist posts being available for all to apply whereas the F and S document states that only those with the qualifications should be eligible. I explained that it was our own rules that led to this being the case but I acknowledged that as this was written in the F and S document it should be honoured.

 have since instructed that the following JD adverts will be published not allowing 'working towards'

Band 4 - POS : Offender Supervisor
Band 4 - BAS : Finance
Band 4 - POS : PEI
Band 4 - POS : PEI YP
Band 4 - POS : Programme Facilitator
Band 4 - POS : Programme Facilitator YP
Band 4 - POS : Search Dog Handler

This should be a significant relief to those who hold qualifications and will be applying for these roles.

I trust this clarifies the policy. I ask that you draw the contents of this Circular to your members and local Governor to ensure the Fair and Sustainable agreement is honoured.

Finally, if you have any concerns over the implementation of Fair and Sustainable please refer to the document issued in February 2012 and/or contact your NEC representative.

For your information the contents of this Circular have been acknowledged by the lead negotiators of NOMS Fair and Sustainable team.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation on this matter.


Yours sincerely



General Secretary