POA Circulars

131 | 17.10.2012

Mapping / Implementation of Fair and Sustainable

At the National Executive meeting on the 10th October 2012, the Executive fully debated the concerns that have been raised by members and Branch Officials over the implementation and mapping process of Fair and Sustainable. At present there has been positive and negative feedback on local implementation plans, but it is clear that there is not a consistent approach by Management which is of course disappointing.   This has been raised with NOMS and is the subject of further discussions today.

The POA Fair and Sustainable team consistently raise all problems that are brought to their attention with NOMS and are pressing them to issue clear directives to local Governors to ensure the agreement under F&S is upheld. To this end the revised Fair and Sustainable briefing issued in February 2012 is the document which must be referred to in the first instance.  If any member or local official is not sure whether the local proposals are fully compliant with the agreement they must contact a member of the National Executive for clarification, if it is clear that Governor’s or local Management are deviating from the Agreement a local dispute must be raised. 

It is vital that all local committee’s adhere to the document and do not agree to local variations. If any branch has reached a local variation to the F&S document with their management they must withdraw from that variation and return to the Agreement and principles within the F&S document.  I am sure that members are aware of the problems which arose following the introduction of the OSG Agreement PSI 42/97 due to local interpretation by Governors, we need to avoid a repetition of those problems. 

The Executive recognise that the implementation of Fair and Sustainable at local level has short term costs implications, NOMS are fully aware of this problem, but this is not an excuse for accepting variations to F&S.

The Executive are also aware that establishments are facing difficult times ahead as a result of budget cuts, but these are and have to remain separate from the implementation of F&S in the first instance.

I will again remind you, to seek guidance on local implementation plans if you are not sure and to raise a local dispute if your Governor or local Management attempt to impose change outside of the Agreement. All branch officials must be mindful of the policy of NOMS on benchmarking when implementing F&S at local level.

Please draw the contents of this Circular to your members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely



General Secretary