POA Circulars

125 | 10.10.2012

TUC Rally "A Future that Works"

The TUC have given a further briefing in respect of the Rally.

Up to date information on logistics is available on the dedicated rally website, which is http://afuturethatworks.org.


The POA will have coaches leaving from the North West and Wales.  The NEC members for these areas will be in charge of these coaches.


It is the intention of the POA to have our assembly point outside or as near to Temple Underground Station from around 10.00am.  Again, I would encourage as many POA members to attend with their families and friends.


The March route runs from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park, via Whitehall, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly, and will assemble from 11.00am in Zone 5, moving off at 12 noon.


The Rally in Hyde Park will start as the march arrives and conclude by 4.00pm.  It will consist of a number of segments, so that those who arrive early can make way for those arriving late.  There will be big screens, with speakers and some videos.  


As yet there have been no volunteers to be in charge of POA banners and balloon.  If you would like to carry one of the POA banners, please contact the office of the General Secretary. Please assist us to make this a positive day for the POA.  Your support is essential.

Yours sincerely


Acting General Secretary